Software & IT

Intelligent software and IT solutions for the construction industry, flexibility and availability are our passion.

The area of software engineering/IT deals with three main subjects:

  • maintenance of the database
  • development of tools and software web based
  • further development and distribution of the own software VaP (VariableProcessor – Variables are processed into algebraic defined functions)

VaP – Variables Processor

The program VaP (Variable Processor) deals with the numerical process of variable Xi in algebraic defined functions G(Xi). VaP 3.0 calculates the expected value, the standard deviation and where applicable higher moments of G. It shows the form of the distribution density G and calculates the probability pf that G gets less than zero. Correlations between variables are entered. The definition of several methods during the runtime is possible. These functions lead to logical systems Sys{Gk}, which can be provided with update instructions, Gup{G|E}. The conception of VaP led to a new solution and resulted in the development of interactive software. The interface to the computer is limited to a minimum of functions and dialogues.

VaP Variables Processor


BAUT online is a central, RVS conformal database WEB solution, which enables a rapid, modern and straightforward data access. BAUT online runs via a portal network.


Digital input

The digital input is an interface to registrate defects, links with photographs and GPS – points of external devices. Detailed description of defects like location, extend, multiple description of type, etc. Records are imported to the database. Then it is possible to make editorial corrections or to incorporate defects into a CAD program. Mainly the traditional reporting is reduced to one touch of a button because of this approach. The software creates a detailed report fully automatically.

Digital field book


The Solarmount-Calculator is an online tool to calculate mounting- and fastening systems for photovoltaics and solar thermal energy.
Due to some technical details refering to the roof system and the location a construction plan and the required parts in the form of a partlist will be returned and on demand transfered as order. The Solarmount-Calculator is developed and operated since 2010.

Solarmount Calculator

BAUT 6.0

The program BAUT, Building databank Austria, serves the management of administrative and constructional data of road administrations. Using an application of a database system where several modules are implemented allows the user to record, administrate and to control an object during its entire lifetime.

BAUT 6.0