iBWIM: Monitoring Heavy Goods Traffic Over Bridges

When a heavy goods vehicle crosses a bridge, the bridge deforms by a small but measurable amount. By measuring this deformation iBWIM can measure the vehicles speed, weight and how its load is distributed over the vehicle’s axles.

iBWIM systems can be used to gather both engineering and business intelligence. By measuring the loading of the bridge, iBWIM data can be used to predict the residual lifetime of the bridge. By identifying daily and weekly patterns in traffic, maintenance can be scheduled for minimum disruption. By measuring goods traffic across the bridge we can assess the bridge’s economic value.


iBWIM has a lightweight embedded system on-site that transmits measurements to a remote server. The on-site system can be self-powered and only needs mobile network coverage.


Install without disruption

Unlike conventional Weigh in Motion systems, iBWIM is installed on the underside of the bridge—there is no need for traffic works and no disruption to traffic.



Together with laser axle detection and fast, high resolution sampling of bridge deformation iBWIM can resolve axles even on long bridges.



With a wide choice of sensors, output, power, communications and software options—iBWIM can be tailored to perform the tasks you need on your bridge.