About us

We are experts for the maintenance of international infrastructure in the area of road and rail networks.

Looking into the future we are facing challenges to preserve resources and infrastructure in their function. Referring to our activity in structural engineering this means to support operators of road and rail networks in their management role. From this point of view, the performance image of the companies shows a causal picture and confirms to serve our motto of sustainability.

PEC – Petschacher Consulting, ZT – GmbH

The company PEC – Petschacher Consulting ZT-GmbH was established as one-man business by DI Dr. Petschacher in 1997 and transformed into a ZT-GmbH in 2006. The field of business includes risk- and reliability analysis of technical systems, constructive civil engineering and planning, static analysis of bridges, building construction or the like.
The mission statement of PEC is the principle of sustainability. The specific expertise of probabilistic is used in many projects.

PSP – Petschacher Software und Projektentwicklungs GmbH

The company PSP – Petschacher Software und Projektentwicklungs-GmbH – is specialized in the development and care of software programs for clients worldwide since 2003.
Maintenance and care of the Building databank (BAUT) commissioned by ASFINAG Service GmbH both as local function as well as WEB solution is carried out by PSP.
PSP is developing and hosting software for solar industry.