We are experts for the maintenance of international infrastructure in the area of road and rail networks.

iBWIM Bridge Weigh in Motion

iBWIM: Monitoring Heavy Goods Traffic Over Bridges

When a heavy goods vehicle crosses a bridge, the bridge deforms by a small but measurable amount. By measuring this deformation iBWIM can measure the vehicles speed, weight and how its load is distributed over the vehicle’s axles.

iSHM Structural Health Monitoring

iSHM Structural Health Monitoring

Our iSHM systems monitor bridges and other structures over timescales of months. They measure changes in the orientation, displacement and curvature of structural elements. The challenge for an SHM is to to measure very small changes that occur over very long periods.



Structural Engineering covers the technical solutions for building structures and systems, combines high demands in structural design and in architectural design concerning engineering structures.

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Intelligent software and IT solutions for the construction industry, flexibility and availability are our passion.

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Embracing randomness, our approach to stochastic thinking drives agile solutions, adapting to ever-changing challenges, shaping a resilient future of endless possibilities.

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