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Sustainability is our mission.

iBWIM system is used for measuremts of about 20 bridges in Estonia since May 2017.
Our customer is ViaCon Eesti AS in Meistri, Tallinn.
The commitment is planned for 2 years, within the first 4 month ViaCon already was able to measure 7 bridges successful.

Parila bridge, Rapla

The measurements are done distributed all over the country.

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To improve the accuracy of our iBWIM masurement results we purchased new weighing platforms for our test vehicles in September 2017.
With an accuracy of 5kg per platform it is possible to make better statements regarding the condition of a bridge.

Source of supply: Dini Argeo

With our customer Global Instech Ltd iBWIM was first used for bridge monitoring in Asia in April 2017, the customer chose the Ta-Kham Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ta-Kham Bridge

At temperatures about 40°C and a high humidity our iBWIM system was proved successfully.
The use of 2 measurement electronics, 14 strain sensors and 2 lasers pledges optimal monitoring of this bridge in conjunction with 2 IP cams.

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EMC-test iBWIM


Our iBWIM-system has been reviewed by EMC-standards (electromagnetic compatibility) in March 2015, which turned out to be positive for us. Our system equates to the greatest possible extent to these standards which means that our system is save against immisions and it doesn’t generate mantionable emissions. We were able to collect a lot of experience about the design of our system (PCB‘s, housing, ect.). Now we are on to use this perceptions to make a new Spider-version. The cable are not connected directly to the Spider anymore so that it is possible to use different cable-lengths as needed. Another positive effect of the new Spider-version is the stowage of the system, it needs less space through furled cable. Thereby we also protect the environment because of less packaging material.


Mit unserem patentierten Messsystem iBWIM konnte in Österreich erstmalig ein kommerzielles System für auf Brücken montierbare WIM-Systeme etabliert werden.
Durch die neuartige Elektronik können hochwertige Messsignale wie Daten über Bruttogewicht, Achslasten, Achsabstand und Geschwindigkeit etc. aufgezeichnet und für
das Infrastrukturmanagement von Straßen- und Schienennetzen verwertet werden.

The Long Night of Research was a great success for us! We are very glad that there are so many people interested in research and development in Carinthia. The numerous people who visited our station dealed intensive with our project and they were very surprised by the fact, how much information technology and mathematics is in professional infrastructural management.

The long night of research is the largest event for R&D in Austria. During this night all researchers will introduce their projects to the public. We are present again!


Our core competences are in formulation of systems for functional sustainment of facilities, eg. the road- and rail networks inclunding constructive civil engineering, risk- and reliability analysis of techincal equipment, inspection of buildings etc. || Weiterlesen

One of our primary projects is our developed and patented monitoring system iBWIM (Bridge Weigh in Motion) for charging heavy good vehicles and carrying capacity of bridges.
Therefor we received the Innovation- and Research Award from Carinthia in the year 2011.
innoNow we used the opportunity to undertake a phase of reflection for our monitoring system during the InnovationCamp at the Innovation Congress 2013.
This creative and innovative network hosts more than 8,000 initiators and lateral thinkers, who have the opportunity to present their ideas and solutions online, but also to contribute on site offline in the detailed elaboration.
Especially to questions, where the potential of iBWIM is in the future, or if there are more applications for the benefit of unrecognized target groups, we look forward to the results of this process in the presentation and awarding 14 and 15 November at the Congress Center Villach.

More details are givewn at crowdsourcing platform www.neurovation.net or on

SoTra 2.0 simplifies process of planning and application though traffic authority by combining these components with each other. The tool uses already available data about bridges, tunnels, overpasses including time related limitations like building sites ore holidy related bans. It is integated for application in digital form.SleepingTruckThe transportation company can consider in an early phase all constraints for application and forwarding afterwards to authority. The check by administration and ASFINAG is done by “button press”. Beside reduction of time effort and correspomding costs also workflows are optiomized and errors are minimzed.

For us implemetation of innovative ideas and solutions are daily business. The more it makes us proud rendering a contribution to security for Austrian roads.