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Sustainability is our mission.

In the october issue of Govenment Europe we published following article Government Europa Beitrag PEC/PSP

A new, even more exact sensor for our iBWIM system was developed. With this sensor we will be able to measure more types of bridges in future, even the ones, where only small deflections are expected.

We are present again!
Visit us and meet our innovative bridge measurement system iBWIM, this year we will have the possibility to show live data of running iBWIM installations.
Lange Nacht der Forschung, April 13th 2018, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Lakeside B11, Stand L56.

Thailand 2


Two iBWIM systems have been shipped to Thailand in February 2018 to equip next provinces with monitoring systems.

In the last year we developed a new tool for iBWIM which is placed inside the iBWIM cabinet and collects environmental data. These additional tool is also able to watch the cabinet, if the door is opened by a stranger, an alarm can be triggered.

In October 2017 we instructed the research and development company of FH Kärnten mbH to test our Spider electronics relating to EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) standards.

We had some problems with our Spider version 2 which we completely eliminated with our new version 4. With the new version we passed each testing criteria.
Our EMC standard is “EN 61326-1”

With a good feeling and the confirmation of the proper quality of our products we start to new projects in the near future!

iBWIM system is used for measuremts of about 20 bridges in Estonia since May 2017.
Our customer is ViaCon Eesti AS in Meistri, Tallinn.
The commitment is planned for 2 years, within the first 4 month ViaCon already was able to measure 7 bridges successful.

Parila bridge, Rapla

The measurements are done distributed all over the country.

To improve the accuracy of our iBWIM masurement results we purchased new weighing platforms for our test vehicles in September 2017.
With an accuracy of 5kg per platform it is possible to make better statements regarding the condition of a bridge.

Source of supply: Dini Argeo

With our customer Global Instech Ltd iBWIM was first used for bridge monitoring in Asia in April 2017, the customer chose the Ta-Kham Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ta-Kham Bridge

At temperatures about 40°C and a high humidity our iBWIM system was proved successfully.
The use of 2 measurement electronics, 14 strain sensors and 2 lasers pledges optimal monitoring of this bridge in conjunction with 2 IP cams.

EMC-test iBWIM


Our iBWIM-system has been reviewed by EMC-standards (electromagnetic compatibility) in March 2015, which turned out to be positive for us. Our system equates to the greatest possible extent to these standards which means that our system is save against immisions and it doesn’t generate mantionable emissions. We were able to collect a lot of experience about the design of our system (PCB‘s, housing, ect.). Now we are on to use this perceptions to make a new Spider-version. The cable are not connected directly to the Spider anymore so that it is possible to use different cable-lengths as needed. Another positive effect of the new Spider-version is the stowage of the system, it needs less space through furled cable. Thereby we also protect the environment because of less packaging material.